Submission Guidelines

MWP Process for Taking on a Book Project


1)      Author initially contacts MWP with a query letter, a pitch, a conversation, a concept, or a visit or a phone call.

2)      MWP may ask for a copy of the first 50 pages. MWP may ask for the entire manuscript. MWP may not accept the MS as offered.  Call/email/contact response. 

3)      Initial meeting with author for book pitch and goals

4)      Sample reading, ie first three-five chapters – Initial review of book and project –committee of editors .

5)      Evaluation of content and feasibility decision on accepting project

6)      Editorial committee meets and discusses aspects of project and options to offer

7)      Editors decide emphasis and approach for the manuscript – ie type of publication, calendaring, project outline, potential costs, etc.

8)      Contract designed with options and flow chart on process

9)      Meeting with author – editor/s meet and offer proposal on the project – contract options presented  – author signs and commits to close read and editing fee deposit up front – project and timeline TBD. Initial basic editing fee: $300, depending on the scope of the project. 

Note: Steps 1-6 should be within two weeks to a month, determined by Manzanita and author schedules

10)   Close read for content with fee assigned. Initially, resulting in recommendations to author:

  a) global changes and substantial rewriting needed with schedule given to author for rewriting

   b) minimal changes needed – typographical and manuscript formatting, grammar/usage, etc. – copyediting that doesn’t require major structural and sentence structure changes

11)   Author signs book project contract and accepts timeline