Rory Erback

Rory Erback is a woodworker in Vallecito, CA,  has lived in our beautiful Mother Lode region for over 35 years. An avid golfer, he frequents our local Greenhorn Creek course in Angels Camp.

Rory creates beautiful wooden cutting boards and trivets with intricate one-of-a-kind designs, using a medley of exotic woods. These food-grade boards, which can be used as cheese trays for hors d’oeuvres, delectables, delicacies, and more, are food-ready. No one could bear cutting on these solid, laminated decorative boards, so it is advised that you get a cutting glass to cover the board and then carve away on that, with the beauty of the board beneath it.

Some of the woods he uses are purple heart or yellow heart, padeek, zebra wood, canary wood, alder, oak, black walnut, maple, lacewood, mahogany, and others. He has more than 30 years experience in woodworking. It takes well over 10 hours of labor to make one board with its native design, each one unique.

Come visit the gallery and see his array. Different sizes available. People love to collect these boards and display them on the wall as art, as they are so beautiful.

Photos coming soon!