Welcome, Chrys Mollett, and the Aeolian Harp

Chrys closed her Aeolian Harp store after nearly 30 years in business to enjoy a more relaxed life style at Manzanita Arts Emporium. She gives piano and music lessons to youth and adults, and is knowledgeable about all kinds of instruments and music.

Chrys is a musician and songwriter, a poet, and lover of nature. Come visit her corner at Manzanita Arts Emporium and chat with her about music. She has strings, ukuleles, violins, and other  instruments for sale. Downsizing was difficult, but now that she has more time, and still has her music resources and expertise as sharp as ever, she can help you with your musical needs and order what you need.

You’ll find Chrys at MAE several days a week and by appointment. Her days at MAE are Monday afternoons, Thursdays, and Fridays. Contact her at 209-728-1439 or Manzanita 209-728-6171 or email aeolianharpness@gmail.com.