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About my work:

My jewelry designs represent a melding of my passion for supporting women in finding and growing their light, a deep interest in the earth and its resources, and a lifelong drive to create interesting things. Much of my jewelry is one of a kind, and blends earthy metals with natural stones and crystals, resulting in simpl yet distinctive designs. A little bit yoga inspired, a little bit boho, but mostly just me creating designs that honor the materials and make the jewelry fun and easy to wear. My study into the science and rich history behind minerals as tools to enhance our well-being has fascinated me and has led me to educate my customers about how to utilize their jewelry to uplift and strengthen them.
At times I feature “just for fun” colorful jewelry from other sources, malas, mineral specimens, tumbled stones with information on how to use them, materials to create beneficial “gem elixers,” and gem room sprays– so there is always something for everyone.
I grew up as one of five children in a tiny town in Ohio, and it was there that I became comfortable exploring nature on daily tromps through the woods. I trained dogs in obedience, and always had a dog at my side as I “explored” the woods and river near our home–catching frogs, climbing trees, fishing, hiking, and just observing nature. I was active in sports and spent most of my days outside. Yes, you could definitely say I was a tomboy!
The daughter of an architect and a would-be interior designer with a botany degree, I was always artistic and curious. I searched for ways to express myself creatively–through designing my own clothes, choreographing dance routines, helping to build our family home, cooking, baking, decorating for parties and school dances, making signs, gardening and taking art classes. When the family budget didn’t allow me to attend art school, I enrolled at The Ohio State University in the Computer Science program, with the idea that I’d learn programming and become a video animator. Eventually I wound my way through years of schooling, a couple of states, two different degrees and found myself in Southern California with my new husband Bob, working for an advertising agency and learning the switch-over from paste-up page layout to computer generated graphics on a tiny Mac. Eventually I ran my own graphic design studio out of our home for almost twenty years. Working for myself allowed me the time to raise our son and assist him with learning differences that made school and life challenging for him. After closing my studio and moving to Napa in northern California, I spent a few years exploring what I would like to do next, and coached women in health, fitness and self-care.  Most recently and with our son now working on his Environmental Science degree, our family relocated to Angels Camp in late 2016. Self-reflection and some health challenges led me back to my creative roots, and in June of 2017 I decided to do something I had always wanted to do–make jewelry. Now that I’m indulging my passions to support women, explore the bounties of the natural world, and make pretty things, I have found my happy place!
I invite you to experience my work and feel the love and pure energy that I put into each piece. It’s truly “feel good” jewelry.