Literacy Threatened by

the Digital Age

Is Reading Doomed?

Saturday, January 20,

from 6:30-8 pm:

Scott Thomas Anderson, author

and reporter

Regional and Sacramento Journalist Presents Dire Warnings about the Inundation of Digital Reading

A public awareness talk about media. – Multimedia Distractions and the impact on literacy and on the brain. Educators, students, parents, youth, and the general public need to hear about the dangers of social media and electronic gadgets in relation to learning, reading, and the brain. Free. Reserve your spot by calling or emailing:   or  209-728-6171.

On Saturday evening, January 20, award-winning journalist Scott Thomas Anderson will speak at Manzanita Arts Emporium, exploring how prose, poetry and creativity will make or break the English language in the Digital Age. For more than a decade Anderson’s worked as a crime, culture and travel journalist, writing in the center of a media metamorphosis that continues to alter how Americans share their everyday experiences.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Anderson will discuss the danger of our youngest generations learning linguistic impulses through hyper-abbreviated platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. He’ll consider what happens to the brain’s ability to focus when we trade a book’s imaginative doorway for the swamp of fragmented, multi-media distractions. He’ll also look at the future of the written word if today’s writers, poets, artists and teachers don’t recognize a threat against it.

Anderson is a staff writer for The Sacramento News & Review. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Irish Independent, Dublin’s largest daily newspaper, and The Coffeelicious, one of the most read online magazines on He’s been interviewed about homicide investigations nationally on the Travel Channel and internationally on Ireland’s Radio 1:Drivetime. His nonfiction book, Shadow People: How Meth-driven Crime is Eating at the Heart of Rural America, is an exploration of nation’s modern methamphetamine crisis. In 2015, his newest nonfiction book was released, The Cutting Four-piece: Crime and Tragedy in an Era of Prison Overcrowding.

Space is limited, so call or better yet, email to reserve your place at this free seminar. (209) 728-6171 –

Tell your educator friends and student friends. This will be fantastic.