On first and third Mondays, Daytime Writers Unlimited meetings are in Angels Camp at MAE from 9-11:30 am. We start with a stimulating writing exercise, then we share manuscript progress for feedback with fellow writers. Craft sharing, resources, editing by colleagues all available. Meetings free. Sign up to be a Member for extra perks and networking – $35 annual membership begins May 1, 2018.

On second and 4th Mondays, Evening Writers Unlimited meetings are held in San Andreas at the Volunteer Center of Calaveras County on 455 Lewis Avenue from 6:00-9:00 pm. Share work, prose and poetry, and all genres and levels, with kind writers. Craft exchange, resources, editing by colleagues all available. Meetings free. Sign up to be a member for extra perks and benefits―$35 annual membership begins June 1, 2017.

We love to graze on the written and spoken word. It’s a team effort.  (photo by Gary Rose)


Writers Unlimited is a weekly membership writers group and gathering of authors who share their work for peer feedback. The group was founded in 1984 and published five Manzanita volumes and an additional three Journal volumes under the name of Writers Unlimited.  With the formation of Manzanita Writers Press in 2009, the Manzanita series and other books are now published by MWP, Manzanita Writers Press, a non-profit 501(C)(3) arts organization. 

Location: Manzanita Arts Emporium, 1211 S. Main St., Suite 110,  in Historic Downtown Angels Camp, CA. We are located on the corner of Main St. (Hwy 49) and Rasberry Lane, kitty-corner across the street from the Calaveras Visitors Center.

Call for directions if you have trouble finding us:  209-728-6171


Flash Fiction

Writers Unlimited members have been known to produce some eclectic brief masterpieces. The photograph above illustrates some of the hidden flash-in-the-pan talent of our writers. This photo is found in Glenn Wasson’s book, introducing his flash fiction writing.

There will be no writers meetings on holidays such as Christmas and Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. but call ahead or email to be certain.

Please email Monika ahead to let her know you are planning on coming as seating is limited.  Also, you should attend a couple of sessions before your work is approved for manuscript review. Longtime members receive priority for manuscript review, and members get on a rotation fairly soon. There is a manuscript and review protocol.  Evening meetings: Snacks are brought and shared by the collective. Drop-ins welcome, but be sure to email the facilitator and let her know you are arriving.

Contact: Monika Rose, facilitator

(209) 728-6171